Anehka is an interdisciplinary artist from Hamburg. She merges her music with poetry, video art and photography. Anehka's self titled debut album 'Planet Orange' set the first milestone in her career, by delivering a concept album independently. She doesn't perceive the borders within the art world to be fixes, but rather flexible, which she likes to bend, like in her visual album 'Mercury in Retrograde'. She expresses her reflective thinking and feeling through poetry and movement, which takes you on a spiritual healing journey through the galaxies of her mind. 

Anehka’s live shows unite storytelling, performance and personal revelations. Her biggest shows in London were at ‘The Spice of life – Soho‘, ‘The Old Blue Last‘ with Trash Like You Records, and at ‘The Troubadour‘. She also supported Mavi Phoenix and Ashnikko at the charity event called ‘Girls against the machine‘ and organised a charity gig for YUAF called “We Are All Artists” at ‘Off The Cuff‘ , London. Anehka also established herself in Hamburg’s music scene by playing her headline show at ‘Grüner Jäger‘ and a sold out show at the renowned Jazz club “Birdland”. 

Anehka's most recent work 'The Harvest/Die Ernte' is her first poetry short film, which is about developing awareness, to manifest a desired outcome, she has no control over. The short film aims to inspire others to reflect on their value and belief system.

Currently the 23 year old is working on a collaboration project under the name Akira Darko, while she keeps the loop of creation going with her solo projects. We can always expect the unexpected of Anehka.